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31 March 2013 @ 11:23 pm
Ombre Eggs and Easter Baskets  

I found this image on Pinterest, and was like "Yeah, I could do that." There were no instructions, so I just wung it.

My first question was how to keep the eggs upright. I didn't think they'd stay in place if I just leaned them against the cup. I fit three toothpicks at the bottom of the cup to form a triangle stand and balanced the egg on top.

I poured the boiling water a third of the way up the egg, then mixed in the vinegar and food coloring. In retrospect, I should have mixed the boiling water and food coloring in another cup and then poured it around the egg.

After five minutes, I poured in boiling water two-thirds up the egg to make the next layer.

Last round of color. I only waited three minutes as it was the lightest layer.

Drying out. The little white spots show the bottom of the eggs. Should have mixed the color beforehand.

Boom - ombre eggs.

I bought Easter candy to make treat bags. This one's for my Dad.

The rest went to my Easter basket, "hidden" so I wouldn't eat it all before Sunday. Now candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.

Eastertime treats! My teeth already hurt.
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