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2013 in Review

Year In Review

year end

Events I Attended

event end

Movies I Watched

55 Films Watched

movie end

Television I Watched
43 Shows Watched
54 Seasons Watched

tv end

Books I Read
21 Books Read
8,401 Pages Read

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Songs I Related To
I got this feeling on the summer
day when you were gone
I crashed my car into the bridge
I watched, I let it burn
In your heart believe
What in my heart I know
That forevermore
I'll wait for you
Call me call me
Don't you think it's 'bout time
Please won't you call and
Ease my mind
It's good to see you, I must go
I know I look a fright
Anyway my eyes are not
Accustomed to this light
Four in the mornin'
and I'm zonin'
Think I'm possessed
it's an omen
Peel me off this Velcro seat
and get me moving
I sure as hell
can't do it by myself
Pictures came and
broke your heart,
We can't rewind
we've gone too far
Sometimes I wish you were here,
Weather permitting [...]
This time, same as before,
I'll love you forever
Don’t give me virtues that I never had
Don’t get sychophantal
We never were sentimental
I know I took more than I ever gave
Could it be that I got bored and lonely
Could it be that I'm just dumb and horny
Could it be that Lady Luck
has smiled herself on me

music end

Star Ranking System:
☆☆☆☆   I own this movie and will always stop to watch it when it's on TV.
☆☆☆   It was a decent movie, I enjoyed watching it and may watch it again.
☆☆   I had some significant problems with the film but don't regret seeing it.
   I didn't finish watching it. I loathe it entirely.

Years in Media
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